Sunday, 28 April 2019

Mabel. A restoration project!

Meet Mabel!

She's a vintage 118 year old girl. 

A Singer 28k sewing machine from 1901.

Mabel was given to my girls by their father a few years ago when he found it hiding in a very battered suitcase under a pile of junk in the loft of a property he bought. He knew I had just bought electric machines for them to start them on their sewing journey, but thought they could use this one when they stayed with him. At the time, I knew they would not be able to work a heavy vintage machine like this without lots of help and guidance but, rather than let him take it to the tip, I took it in and it has been sat on display in our dining room ever since.

Originally a hand-crank, Mabel was converted to a motorised machine by Singer at some point during the 70's.

I gingerly switched her on when I first got her and was relieved that she didn't blow up and amazed that the light still worked!

I knew she needed a good clean, service and oil but was wary of the motor, it made an awful noise and barely turned the flywheel so I knew something needed looking at there! All her moving parts work, nothing has seized up and she was clearly well looked after during her working life, she has a few chips and marks and isn't as shiny as she once would have been but it's nice to think that she has history.

Fast forward to now and I have decided to restore Mabel to her former pre-motor self. After researching, I have discovered that it is an easy job to remove the motor and add the hand crank handle, so after a bit of a search I have purchased a used handle from Ebay along with some bobbins as she takes the long rare type!

We named her Mabel after my Granny. I learnt to sew as a young child and was taught by both my Mum and Granny. Granny had a hand-crank Singer machine (a bit younger than this one) and that is the machine I learnt to sew on which really started my love of sewing, I can remember using it as a child when I used to stay at my grandparents during summer holidays. There is something about the oily smell of a vintage sewing machine and as soon as I opened up this machine all those lovely memories came flooding back!


I am excited about this restoration project and look forward to sharing my progress :)

Happy sewing, Sharon

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Posy Pleated Pants

I'm back with another Rebecca Page pattern make, this time it's the Posy Pleated Pants

I'll be honest, I wasn't entirely sure about this style of trouser on me but I like the long flowy look on others so decided I'd give them a try.

I decided to make the full length version with the sash and found this coffee coloured polka dot crepe viscose fabric which I thought gave them a vintage beach pyjama look....I did plan on getting some pics at the beach but the weather typically changed!

The pattern is available in ladies, child and even doll size so you can go matchy matchy all round if you wish :)

Now, I've been sewing for over 35 years and have sewn with a large variety of fabric types but crepe viscose is always a challenge for me! I wasn't surprised, the fabric wanted to misbehave right from the start so lots of weights required to hold the pattern in place while I cut and lots of clips to help stitch those seams straight!

Thankfully the pattern instructions, as always, are very clear and thorough, with pictures to help at every step so the construction was very easy.

The seams are all french seamed which gives a very neat and tidy finish on both the inside and out. The pattern comes with very clear instructions how to do a french seam if you are unsure.

If you are looking for a comfortable, wide legged, flowy trouser then go get the Posy pattern! They also have an elasticated back waist too, perfect after all that Easter chocolate.... ;)

I've got another make to share so back again very soon!

Happy sewing....


I was kindly given this pattern for free by Rebecca Page to sew up for promotion.  The fabric, thoughts and opinions are my own.