Friday, 3 June 2011

Paint Fusion night!

A girlie craft session at my friend Sue's house, tonight it was Paint Fusion! Even her 7 year old daughter had a go! Paint, wine and tea - and a whole evening to play!!!

Wine, tea and paint!!
My daisies in progress......
....Nearly finished.....
......Daisies done! I even managed to stamp the wording without ruining the whole thing tonight. Result!

Sue worked on perfecting her crackle and background technique!

Sue's pretty roses - brilliant first time effort!

Emma had to have a go with very impressive results :0)

Playtime over! This evening's creations!

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  1. Oh Sharon, what a great night had by all, by the look's of it, i so wish i could do something like this! no-one crafts here!boohoo......a paint fusion party!! brilliant, you are so lucky to have friends that would have been my choice and plenty of it! you have all done a brilliant job and i love love love your daisies, wonderful, hugs to you and your fellow fusioneers, Vick xxxx
    by the way, if they aren't already point them in the direction of my group!!!

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